Masterpiece Persian Qum Rug


  • Vintage Item from Iran
  • 100% Silk Pile
  • Hand woven
  • Width: 6 ft. 4 in.
  • Length 9ft. 7 in.




Masterpiece Persian Qum Rug

This handmade silk Qum collectible heirloom is considered a fine quality master piece by experts. Rugs made in Qum are known to be famous collectibles and among the best in the world. This rug is woven with 100% silk and has never been used. The rug and its fringes are spotless and in excellent condition. The measurements of this item are 6 ft. 4 in. in width and 9ft. 7in. in length. This work of art will brighten any room with its intricate colors and beauty.